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PostCurious are the creators of narrative adventure tabletop games, including the limited-edition game The Tale of Ord, that combine physical puzzles, riddles, and mysterious objects with online interactivity to create unique tabletop gaming experiences.

PostCurious was created by Rita Orlov, who also makes a variety of art, sculpture, furniture, and puzzles, in addition to her work on PostCurious.

Required tools[]

PostCurious games are physical tabletop games delivered by mail. In addition to the items provided in the games themselves, players will need a computer with an internet connection and basic supplies such as pencils and scissors.[1]


PostCurious games are delivered by mail and are packaged to order so it may take 1-4 weeks from the order date for the game to be shipped.

Shipping for PostCurious games is free within the United States, and they can also be ordered internationally at an increased shipping cost. Shipping to Canada is $10, shipping to all other countries is $18.[2]

Game support[]

PostCurious Wiki is focused on creating the definitive guide to PostCurious. However, while we make an effort to be complete, we are not an official game support channel.

The official game support channels can be found here:


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